Whale if you krilly are interested in who this artist is first know I tend to overly use fish related puns in daily cod-versation, i'm shore you can sea the humor.

In a seashell:

I am currently a Grad Student at Michigan State University studying Scenic Design and Painting. I want to help bring to reality what we humans come up with in our imaginations, whether it's fun and comedic or stoically serious and dramatically sad. I am passionate about stories and eagerly await to write the next chapter of my own.

Dive a little deeper:

When I was 6 I wanted to be a mermaid. I mean come on who wouldn't want to be half human half fish? Apparently a lot of people do not wish this. So with my little heart shattered I tried being clever and strove to become a marine biologist to still spend all my time in the water and playing with the dolphins. Well this dream kind of dove off a cliff when I discovered my hatred for math, but I wasn't just going to give up on my dreams. I have been told I was a resiliently stubborn child, this hasn't changed. I continuously drew underwater creatures and scenes that I was day-dreaming of and my passion for the sea kind of flooded my soul with a desire to create. If I couldn't get to the water then I was just going to have to bring the mysteries of the ocean to me.

From about the age of 11 I have been splashing around in the vast openness of what art is and discovering who I am as a creator. I began with traditional mediums with sketching, illustrations, watercolors, and acrylics. Then I saw Toy Story from Disney/Pixar and I realized for the first time people were actually making art, creating these worlds we made up in our heads, and making a living at it. Visual art can not only transform the written word but bring to life the childish thoughts and dreams we have, and to me that was exactly what I was searching for. Since then I have been trying to create and bring stories to life, and specifically with my undergraduate works, communicating the world that a child truly believes is possible. One full of outrageous colors and fantastical dreams that tend to be forgotten as we grow older.

From a young aspiring mermaid, to a marine biologist, a teen who didn’t leave the crayons at home, a graphic designer, a sculptor and a set designer. I crave to create and will never stop exploring the world of art.